Laptop Screen Repair


The screen of your laptop is often one of its most fragile components. Do you have a cracked screen? Lines running through your screen? Does your display go dark after a few minutes or simply looks red, blue, or green, flicker, or show faint images? Those are all signs of faulty screen components. We can diagnose and repair a variety of issues so that your LCD screen keeps working properly.

Laptop Virus Removal

As a computer technician, I have seen every different type of computer virus. Viruses can be very dangerous to the health of your computer. Viruses are programs that copies malicious computer code to other files on your computer and infects those files with. Once the computer virus makes its way through your computer, the computer virus can do many things.

Some examples of what computer viruses do are as follows:

Create Pop-Ups
Spread to Other Computers on the Network
Open up Back-Doors for Hackers
Steal Private Information
Infect Your Private Documents

DC Jack Repair Service

How to diagnose if you need DC Jack Repair

•You have to move the charger plug to charge
•You are able to visibly see a broken or cracked dc jack or the center pin is missing
•Laptop does not charge however will work with the battery
•Power LED and battery LED flicker when the adapter tip is moved
•Battery won’t charge
•Sparks come out the back of the laptop

What causes the DC Jack to go bad?
•Flaw in manufacturer designs
•Lots of plugging and unplugging of the ac adapter
•Tripping on or pulling the ac adapter cord

Laptop USB Port Repair

Broken USB ports are a common problem on laptops. If the customer moves the laptop with something connected they may hit the external storage and break the internal USB port. The USB port runs on 5 volts with two data ports and a positive and negative pins. That’s four pins on the USB. Can you see the four connections for the USB?. The whole laptop needs to be opened and the port has to be replaced. Laptop motherboard repairs should always be carried out by an experienced engineer. For all your USB ports that are broken ask us for free advice and help.

Laptop Keyboard Repair

Does your keyboard need to be replaced, or just cleaned? Proper cleaning and lubrication will restore your laptop keyboard to the snappy and smooth performance it had when new. There are several reasons why the keys will start to stick, spilled drinks, normal wearing off of the factory lubrication, weakening of the rubber pieces which give each key its snap action, and contamination by dust and hair.

Windows Reinstall

No matter which version of Windows you run, at times your PC will start to become unstable especially if you often install and uninstall software or change hardware. System lockups or the dreaded Blue Screen of Death can spoil your day.