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  • Liam Pool

    Quick and easy service. I couldn't figure out where I was going wrong with my trouble shooting on a custom built PC. They were able to quickly identify the issue and something I overlooked.

  • Callum Hoffman

    I dropped by this place a month ago during our stopover for a vacation. My kids messed up my iPhone. The guy(sorry I forgot the name) makes it looks easy to retrieve old files that were deleted. Very knowledgeable and walk me through so I can DIY the next time. Thank you so much guys!

  • Caitlin Duffy

    The owner and the computer techs have been so knowledgeable and incredibly helpful for my business. We got a ransomware virus that I thought would devastate our files, but the techs and the owner have taken care of us every step of the way to ensure our files, database, and computers are running even better than before... with no data lost. And they are always very responsive, taking care of us within a day to get us back up and running. I highly recommend them for any business or home computer need!

  • Connor Ocampo

    Top Notch Service I'm always one to support local. My experience at Computer Tech Solutions has further reinforced that. Ricardo helped me with my Windows 10 computer issue (blue screen of death). Unfortunately, it was at the point of no recovery. After talking with him about all the trouble Windows 10 had been causing his clients, he suggested a Windows 7 install. I also needed a new hard drive since Windows 10 completely wiped mine out. He took care of me with that too as they have a selection of new packaged products in-house. After getting home and setting my PC back up, I noticed there was a file that wasn't reflecting my account name. Since renaming my user name in the C drive was what caused Windows 10 to crash, I called the shop to advise. Through an app called Team Viewer, he was able to remote in and do some work-arounds to solve the issue. Dude is the best. Went above and beyond what any big box service retailers would do. The price, which is displayed upfront in their shop, is fair. And I know my hard earned money went to the right people. 10/10, would recommend.

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